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most popular diamond shapes as Round, Cushion, Oval, Princess, and Emerald

Diamonds & Their Shapes :

If you are a layman, you may be using the words ‘cut’ and ‘shape’ interchangeably when it comes to diamonds. But to a professional, it makes a great deal of difference. As producers of lab grown diamonds, we refer to the arrangement of the stone’s facet when we speak about cut. And, we refer to outline of the stone, when we speak of its shape. As such, lab grown diamonds come in various shapes and cuts, the most popular ones being --- Round Brilliant, Princess, Cushion and Emerald.


These are the most popular diamond shape available today; the round shaped diamonds are extensively used as the solitaires in wedding rings, in earrings and pendants. The round shaped diamonds account for almost 75% of all diamonds sold. Not just buyers, jewellers love the round shaped diamonds too because it provides maximum flexibility in terms of cut, colour, clarity and grade. The round shaped diamonds are as visually stunning as it gets. A true connoisseur of diamond will prefer the round shaped diamond to other fancy shapes because of the proper reflection of light, which in turn, enhances the diamond’s potential brightness.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
Princess Cut Diamonds


After the brilliant round shape, the princess cut is the second most popular shape in diamonds. Here’s a fun fact: the princess cut diamond was created back in the 1980’s. Since then, it has been gaining in popularity. Even today, the princess cut is seen as extremely fashionable. With pointed corners, it is traditionally square. The square shape creates the illusion of a larger diamond, one that gives you a classy look when wrapped around your neck or fingers.


The cushion cut is also referred to as the old mine cut. It has been around since the 1700s. Until the 20th century, the cushion cut was as popular as the round brilliant cut is, in the present day and age. There was a time when the cushion cut was considered as the de facto diamond shape.

The cushion cut is designed to retain as much diamond weight as possible. It comes in a square shape with rounded corners. Generally, the cushion cut has a 1:1 ratio. You may find some cushion cut diamonds which are slightly elongated. The cushion cut diamonds are extremely popular even today as it has better ‘fire’ than other diamonds.

Cushion Cut Diamonds
Emerald Cut Diamonds


The emerald cut diamond is as fascinating as it gets. This cut was originally designed to enhance the qualities of emerald stones, but the cut beautifully transfers into diamonds too. It renders a rather unique look. Due to the step cuts of its pavilion and its large open table, the emerald cut diamond is not as bright or sparkly or fiery as the round brilliant cut; rather, it produces an elegant, hall of mirrors effect.


Apart from the shapes mentioned above, we offer fancy shapes, from the Radiant cut to Pear, Oval and Asscher.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds
Fancy Lab Grown Diamonds

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