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When you pick up two pieces on diamonds, one manmade, one mined, you will never be able to tell the difference. The two are identical to the naked eye. They also have the same chemical composition.

The most intriguing thing about manmade diamonds is the process in which they are made. These diamonds are created by using either the HPHT or the CVD method. Either way, the result is a diamond with the similar properties as the natural diamond but with dissimilar and discernible crystal patterns.

Uses of synthetic diamonds:

  • 1. Machining and cutting tools : Not all diamonds are used for adornment; some are used for mechanical purposes. Diamond is the hardest substance found on earth. Owing to its hardness, diamonds, especially manmade diamonds are used for machine apparatuses and cutting instruments.
  • 2. Thermal conductor:
    Diamond is a curious stone; it has several uses. Did you know that, unlike metals, manmade diamond has high thermal conductivity, but negligible electrical conductivity? Thus, manmade diamonds are used as heat sink for high-power laser diodes, laser arrays and high- power transistors.
  • 3. Optical material:
    Manmade diamonds are used for transmitting infrared and microwave radiation. Therefore, they are being increasingly accepted in several areas of optics.
  • 4. Electronics:
    Manmade diamonds are functional at high temperature environments, and they are resistant to chemical and radiation damages. This makes them a popular choice in the field of electronics.
  • 5. Gemstones :
    This is the most well-known use of diamonds. Diamonds become priceless once they are delicately embedded into jewels.
  • Manmade diamonds currently represent approximately 2% of the gem-quality diamond market. However, the market share is likely to grow in the future with advancement in technology.

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